Let Grandpa' Jerry help you set up and manage your auctions. Check his 1,400+ positive and no
negative eBay feedback at "tophunter." You may also look at some of tophunter's open and
closed auctions to see the nature of his work.

Please contact us before doing anything else. For buying, select two or three items that you
have been thinking about purchasing. Look at on-line or nearby discounters to determine the
top price you are willing to pay. Topics will include evaluating items and sellers, conducting
searches, and spotting scams.

For selling, select two or three items for setting up a practice auction. It is better if they are
items that you are actually interested in auctioning. Take a look at eBay and see if there are any
other items such as yours. Decide if the selling price would make an auction worthwhile. You
will need to write an accurate description, take and edit digital photos, record any maker's
marks or lettering and it's location, and write a written description of absolutely anything that
might be wrong with the item including wear, breakage, worn finish, stains, refinished,
corrosion, rust, tears, creases, fold marks, etc. Price determinations are the responsibility of
the seller. You need a starting price, and may consider a reserve, and a buy-it-now price. The
starting price set should be at least enough to pay eBay listing fees. The reserve is optional
but we think it should be the "will not sell for less than" or "haggle" price. The buy-it-now price
is also optional but we think it should be a little less than a fair retail price.

Each session will last approximately two hours. Costs are:

1 person     $60.00
2 people     $70.00
3 people     $80.00

Each additional person if there is more than one computer     $10.00

Reasonable travel costs may be added.