computer for every two people is available.
computer for every two people is available.

You will need a computer, a word processor such as Microsoft Word or Word Perfect,
pictures you would like to use, a color printer, and disc if you want to save the card and take
the file elsewhere. Grandpa' Jerry will provide greeting card stock and envelopes so that
each participant can have a card with his or her own design. It is strongly recommended that
you will have processed the pictures through a digital editing program. Results will be
better if you have a photo printer. Grandpa' Jerry will also make recommendations for
economical sources of greeting card stock and envelopes.

These are not the common, small, flat, deckle edge cards but are printed on both sides on
8.5 x 11 inch greeting card stock and then folded for the 5 3/4 x 8 3/4 inch envelope.

Each session will last approximately one hour. Costs are:

1 person     $40.00
2 people     $50.00
3 people     $60.00

Each additional person if there is more than one computer     $10.00

Reasonable travel costs may be added.