Tutoring at your location on how to make better photos.

Topics include composition, common errors, light sources, light and speed trade-off's,
editing, printing, and anything else that comes up. Topics will not include how to use your
specific camera. That's what the manual is for.

You should have a digital camera with removable memory; some pictures you have made
saved to files or on the memory card; a memory card reader; a computer with a photo editing
program installed (Grandpa' Jerry is partial to Adobe Photoshop Elements, available for less
than $100 at discounters), a color or photo printer, a disc if you want to save the photos and
take the files elsewhere, printing paper, and enough ink so that you won't run out. Grandpa'
Jerry will give suggested inexpensive sources for paper and ink.

Larger sessions are possible if a facility such as a computer lab with at least one computer for
every two people is available.

Each session will last approximately one hour. Costs are:

1 person     $40.00
2 people     $50.00
3 people     $60.00

Each additional person if there is more than one computer     $10.00.

Reasonable travel costs may be added.