Results Guaranteed! If you are not satisfied, return any or all of the photos for a refund.

For ordering use the order form from it's page. Fill in the photo number and number and
letter, indicate the quantity under the size and mail, email, or fax it. Call before faxing so that
it can be turned on.

Sizes and prices for prints of pictures from your event or Gallery photos are:
1.        Any one 13x19" - $ 20.00
2.        Any one 11x17" - $ 15.00
3.        Any one 8.5x11" - $12.00
4.        Any two 5x7" printed on a single 8.5x11 - $12.00
5.        Any one 4x6" printed on a single sheet - $5.00
6.        Any three 4x6" printed on a single sheet - $12.00
7.        Any four 3.5x5" printed on a single sheet - $12.00
8.        Any two 2x2.5" (wallet size) printed on a single sheet - $5.00
9.        Any sixteen 2x2.5" (wallet size) printed on a single sheet - $12.00
10.      Additional 8.5x11" contact sheets - $10.00 each page (events only)
11.      All event pictures transferred to a CD or DVD in high resolution format
       for your printing - $50.00 (events only, no Gallery pictures).
12.      Any one picture printed as a “Picture Package” on a single 8.5x11"
       sheet in the following combinations - $12.00
a.      one 5x7, two 2.5x3.5, and four 2x2.5" (wallet)
b.      one 5x7 and two 3.5x5"
c.       one 5x7 and eight 2x2.5"
d.      one 5x7, four 2.5x3.25, and two 1.5x2"
e.      one 5x7 and two 2.5x3.5"
f.       four 4x5"
g.      two 4x5, two 2.5x3.5, and four 2x2.5"
h.      two 4x5 and eight 2x2.5"
I.        two 4x5 and four 2.5x3.5"
j.        four 3.5x5"
k.       twenty 2x2" (Passport size)
l.        sixteen 2x2.5"
m.      eight 2.5x3.5"
n.       four 2.5x3.5 and eight 2x2.5"
o.       nine 2.5x3.5"

Panoramas -- Panoramas are broader views of scenes. The aspect ratios are indicated with
the height set at 1: inch and width given in inches for a print one inch high. Example: 1:2. If
you wanted a print 5 inches high it would be 10 inches long. Example: 1:5 A print 8 inches
high would be 40 inches long. The maximum height is 13 inches.

Length from 6 inches up to 11 inches                   $12.00
Length greater than 11 inches up to 17 inches     $15.00
Length greater than 17 inches up to 19 inches     $20.00
Length greater than 19 inches   $20.00 plus $1.00 per inch over 19"

If you wish to purchase any event pictures as shown on the contact sheets or available
pictures in the Gallery, send payment and the picture number, size, quantity, price, and total.

Methods of payment include:

PayPal, a safe, online method to pay with a credit card or bank account with no cost to the
buyer. Log onto and enter the email address as "tophunter1@sbcglobal.

Payment with PayPal,cash, postal money order, or cashier’s check will result in mailing or
delivery of prints as soon as possible after their completion.

Payment by personal check will delay shipment until the check has cleared.

by mail:
Grandpa' Jerry's Photo Services
Carson Mail Depot
1805 North Carson Street #324
Carson City, NV   89701-1216

by email :

Or call and arrange to send by fax
Cell Phone:  626.665.6434

These are high resolution pictures taken with professional Nikon equipment, printed in sizes
from passport and wallet to 13 x 19 inches, and panoramas up to 13 inches high with length
proportional, on quality photo paper using a state-of-the art HP photo printer with long
lasting HP Vivera inks, or transfer of photos to a CD or DVD for you to view or print.