Let Grandpa' Jerry set up and manage your auctions. Check his 1,400+ positive and no
negative eBay feedback at "tophunter." You may also look at some of tophunter's open and
closed auctions to see the nature of his work.
Please contact us before doing anything else. Take a look at eBay and see if there are any
other items such as yours. Decide if the selling price would make an auction worthwhile. We
will need an accurate description, digital photos, any maker's marks or lettering and it's
location, and a written description of absolutely anything that might be wrong with the item
including wear, breakage, worn finish, stains, refinished, corrosion, rust, tears, creases, fold
marks, etc. Price determinations are the responsibility of the seller. A starting price is needed,
and a reserve and a buy-it-now price are optional. Grandpa' Jerry needs to have the starting
price set at least enough to pay eBay listing fees plus 20%. These are due whether the item
sells or not and depends on the starting price and the following options. The reserve is
optional but we think it should be the "will not sell for less than" or "haggle" price. The
buy-it-now price is also optional but we think it should be a little less than a fair retail price or
based on recent eBay selling prices. If the item does not sell, the seller may lower the starting
price and lower or remove options at no additional cost.

Grandpa' Jerry will take photographs if he has the item or the seller may send a disk with
pictures or email them.

It is strongly recommended that the seller have a PayPal account. If the item sells, the cost for
your auction will be 15% of the final selling price plus eBay listing fees and the final eBay
commission, which will depend on the selling price. Grandpa' Jerry will receive the funds and
send the balance to the seller after deducting itemized expenses. The seller may send the
item to Grandpa' Jerry at the beginning of the auction for shipping or may retain it and ship
directly. In this case, the seller is expected to ship within a day or two and the shipping cost
will be refunded to the seller. Grandpa' Jerry does not believe in making a profit on the
shipping cost but charges only the actual cost plus container if one must be purchased. An
additional $5.00 handling fee is charged for international shipments.